This is Bulp.


The basic Gulp build system.

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Basic + Gulp

Bulp is a basic Gulp build system that anyone can use as a boilerplate for their Web project or hybrid mobile app. It is packed with all the things you need to get you project off the ground and production ready.

Although it does not have all the bells and whistles like CSS and JavaScript linting (future feature), it does minify, concatenate, and optimize images, as well as live reload the browser using Browsersync.

Bulp is open source so feel free to add new features and submit PR's if you feel this could benefit from this nifty package.








Image Minification



Clone or download the repo to your local machine.
git clone

Change the name of the directory to whatever the name of your project is.
mv bulp-starter-package/DIRNAME/

Open the directory with the project.

Run npm install.
npm install

Open the project in your favorite editor.
code .

Open the terminal and run gulp so that it starts running before you start making any changes.

* Every time you start working on your project, make sure to run gulp so all the files can be watched for changes and the tasks can run against those files.

* Make sure that when removing or installing another npm package, you kill the server ctrl/cmd + c and run gulp so the new packages will take effect.


In the gulpfile.js, Browsersync is calling chrome canary. If you don't have or use chrome canary or chrome at all, you can change it to just google chrome or whatever browser you wish.

                      server: './',
                      browser: "google chrome canary"